JustLook is a biometric face recognition technology based facial identification system.
Biometric access control system for better security.


Access Control System

If you are facing problem in protecting your premise and resources from unauthenticated access, JustLook is already to solve your problem through Biometric Access Control System. Our application is based on 'no human touch' technology. You can now secure your personal as well as professional resources very efficiently through our application.

How to Use?

The system can be used at the entrance and persons who have been enrolled and provided access before only those persons can get the permission for the access. The enrolled person can get the opportunity for the access as many times as required. They just have to see into the camera and the JustLook application on successful match passes relay to attached door lock to grant the authentication.

Numerous Benefits:

Our face recognition access control application is also providing you a number of benefits that can be listed as follows:
  • Easy to install and use since it is totally software based solution. It only needs a high resolution camera for capturing better quality image.
  • It is the safest method of security as it is based on capturing the live facial details of the people. It will not work with artificial images of human beings.
  • It is very efficient in terms of data management. It requires just 2.3 Kilobytes of the memory space to store the images of a single human being.
  • Accessing of resources is given based on live facial detection of the authenticated persons for enhancing the security of a specific area.
  • Like other security devices one does not have to pay a havoc amount for its maintenance.
Accumulating all these features our biometric door lock system system can work in any environment with a proper lightening facility. It needs an indoor space in order to get installed. It is easy to install and maintain large amount of data electronically. So, suffering from data loss also gets reduced. Since the data are managed electronically so it can be retrieved whenever required.

In a big organization, where managing of every employee personally is not possible, our Biometric Access Control System resolves your issue in that area.