JustLook is a biometric face recognition technology based facial identification system.

Government & Defense


While every part of our country is adopting the advanced biometric systems solution, the government agencies as well as the defense sector is also not keeping themselves away from this technology. Both these agencies deal with secrecy. So, where secrecy is the major concern, face recognition systems provides the best solution. Confidentiality, reliability, managing large volume of data is few features that can be expected from our biometric application. These are the qualities which are expected in all government firms and defense areas.

Our different products serve in different areas. Areas like government sectors and the defense departments are earning maximum benefit through these biometric devices. All these areas are highly secured therefore security through face recognition solution can provide the best security service.

Time Attendance System

'Every ticking of the clock costs something' this statement is applicable for both government and defense services. Therefore tracking the clock tick is important for these departments. In coming – out going employees, presence of employees, leaves taken by the employees, tax calculation everything is done automatically by this device. Thus it saves major time and extra work.

Access Control System

Controlling mechanism should be applied for limiting access of resources. This is achieved by our access control system. Few authorized individuals can only access few areas, documents and resources. Keeping this fact in mind our biometric access control system is put on existence. Defense areas where security is the highest concern, can be benefited the most using the following device.

Visitor Management System

This application can be used in one or more buildings to track the visitors visiting a particular premise. Earlier it was not possible to keep track of each and every visitor but our application made it possible to track every visitor visiting the premise. It can also alert the blacklisted visitors, this can have a greater usage in defense to alarm the department from an unauthenticated visit.

Thus, our biometric face recognition systems are all over in order to provide a better management through enhancing security at a larger extent for achieving growth and development.